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Water is our most precious resource; however, it is often taken for granted.  Although Minnesota appears to have more than adequate supply of water, increasing demand from domestic, agricultural, and industrial water users can strain water resources and municipal water supply systems, especially during periods of drought. (MN DNR Website)

Did you know...

* The City of Milaca annually pumps 75 million gallons of water for use in the city? 

* According to the Metropolitan Council, the average daily indoor use of water per person is approximately 68 gallons?  Toilets account for approximately 27% of water use, Clothes Washers 22%, Showers 17% and Leaks 14%...

Want to know more about..

*the breakdown of how water is used in a home
*how to conserve on water usage
* how to measure and estimate water wasted due to leaks? 

Check out the links provided below and become a water-wise consumer!

Attached Document or File MN Department of Natural Resources  
Attached Document or File Metropolitan Council Toolbox Tips & Practices  
Attached Document or File American Water Works Association - WaterWiser  
Attached Document or FileMore Conservation Tips  

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